Bruny Island is full of surprises - gentle countryside and wild coastlines, quiet beaches and roaring surf. This beautiful island is the most idyllic holliday location in Tasmania, if not all of Australia.

There is nowhere more relaxing than Bruny Island. The stresses of your every day life evaporate the moment you drive from the ferry onto the shore of this beautiful retreat.

Bruny Island has a permanent population of only around
600 people, along with many shack-weekender owners
visiting the island on a regular basis. Popular with vistors,
particularly from interstate and overseas, Bruny has
become a holiday escape that is difficult to leave behind.

Bruny is an island of around aound 50km long and consists of two
islands, of very different in character, which are joined by
"The Neck". North Bruny Island has a drier climate and is well
suited to livestock farming whilst South Bruny Island is more
mountainous and has large areas of rain forest and heathlands,
which form much of South Bruny National Park covering around half of the south island.
Both islands have spectacular scenery with beautiful, deserted beaches, wild seascapes, sweeping surf, abundant wildlife, tall forests, and farmlands. You will find beach and coastal walks, rare birdlife and wildflowers, excellent fishing, and a historic lighthouse to visit. Most of the roads
are unsealed, but well maintained.

Bruny Island is home to boutique food offerings including
cheese, wine, chocolate and fudge, seafood including
farmed salmon and oysters, and berry farms.

Walk down to the water to catch fresh fish from the beaches,
and jetties, including whiting and flathead.
Large tasty oysters can be won from the rocky headlands,
at low tide, for an easy treat.
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Accommodation on Bruny Island - Nebraska Beach - Dennes Point - Tasmania. The perfect place to escape from the stress of everyday life, and relax.